Harry Sam Horwitz was born in a small town in Lithuania in 1885. He was the second of five children. The family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1895 and his father opened a grocery store and the family started to grow.

After learning the plumbing trade he went into business with a friend, Tony Miller, and in 1918 branched out to create Harry S. Horwitz & Co. in downtown Minneapolis.


Growth Through Integrity, Dependability, and Performance

The company grew through the decades establishing the core values of integrity, dependability, and performance. Harry remained active with the company until the 1960’s after which the leadership evolved from within the company and that tradition continues today. Horwitz became incorporated in 1980.


Expansion Through Acquisition

In 2007, NSI (Northwestern Services, Inc.) was acquired by Horwitz Inc. to complement our efforts in maintaining a leadership position in the commercial and industrial HVAC and plumbing industry. NSI was a high quality service company which provided associated system servicing for HVAC, plumbing, sheet metal, refrigeration, controls, and piping. In 2008, we brought both companies into our current facility in New Hope, MN.

With the acquisition of NSI, we also gained additional sheet metal work. Since that time, we have focused on increasing our presence in the sheet metal HVAC side of the business. This brings all HVAC, both hydronic and air side HVAC, capabilities to be provided by our entity. Today, we employ an average of 45 union sheet metal tradespeople.

In 2014, an investment was made into Horwitz’s future by constructing a full plumbing and piping fabrication shop. This allows Horwitz to provide higher quality systems more cost effectively.

In 2015, Horwitz acquired Tempco Inc. that had been in business since 1995 and is certified by Johnson Controls as an Authorized Building Control Specialists (ABC). Tempco provides complete building automation systems to optimize a building’s thermal environment at all times.

A mechanical insulation systems company was also acquired in 2015 to provide thermal and vapor barriers for all types of mechanical systems.

In 2016, Horwitz entered into the electrical arena and is a full service design-build electrical construction and maintenance contracting firm.

In 2017, Horwitz purchased the assets of TNC Industries, Inc., a mechanical service contractor with an emphasis on industrial ventilation.


Full-Service Specialty Contractor

Today, we are a full-service specialty contractor providing engineering, installation, and ongoing support for the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical markets in the Twin Cities. Horwitz provides a unique opportunity for our current clients and new customers to experience an alternative to the traditional contracting world. We excel in providing cost effective and environmentally responsible construction solutions that meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Combine that with superior ongoing service support to ensure efficient and effective operation of your environmental systems, and you will be sure to maximize the investment you’ve made in your building!